Connecting the Branches Episode 3: news bits, a Romani feminist play, and more!

Connecting the Branches is a podcast that looks at current events through a Kabbalistic lens
Hosts: Irina Xara & Ayamanatara

Episode 3 looks at news bits, a Romani feminist play, and more


This podcast will be heavily informed by a socially progressive lens that incorporates racial justice, intersectional feminisms, gender liberation, disability justice and a variety of other topics. We also wish to specify that our thoughts in this podcast are spiritually informed by Gnosticism, various esoteric practices, ethnic and cultural Jewish identity, as well as various witchcraft traditions and other multidenominational practices. Our lived knowledge of Jewish dogmatic practices and especially schools of thought informed by Chasidic interpretation may be limited.

Show Notes Ep. 3

2:20 News story The US Postal service has been running a covert surveillance program that tracks and collects american’s social media posts.

6:54 From a Kabbalistic point of view, one face of the tree is monitoring the other face of the tree.

7:04 Ayamanatara explains the “tree” of Kabbalah.

9:00 What is the relationship of technology to the tree?

9:22 “Hod” – the eighth sephira of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

12:31 – Bene Elohim

13:54 “The Gods Must Be Crazy” (1980)

14:13 Also, ALIENS!

15:39 Ayamanatara’s “other” podcast “What In The World” where she talks about aliens, other dimensions, spirit world (etc.)

15:50 The pillar of severity (Hod) – it’s about boundaries, and having a container to pour your energy into.

18:27 The internet is a tool for social change and powerful entities are using it to counteract that, or at least, keep an eye on it.

20:21 Ayamanatara’s blog

10:47 News Story- LA Mayor talking about “universal basic income”

27:55 This idea of universal basic income and “housing for all”, that’s hopefully starting in Los Angeles, is part of the paradigm shift.

34:27 Content Warning The Romani holocaust, intergenerational trauma, and feminist plays.

36:15 Podcast Host: Jezmina von Thiele
Romanistan podcast
**Irina thinks their fortune telling episode in particular is a must-listen for non-Roma intuitive readers!

37:45 Giuvlipen Theatre
Roma Futurism manifesto
Info on Romacene play
Laura Tempest Zakroff

46:30 The internet is how a lot of people hook into the astral

50:31 Magic/witchcraft has been a tool of empowerment for the marginalized.

51:20 T Thorn Coyle also

52:22 Laura Tempest Zakroff

53:28 Sigils ex: Sigil Daily on Tumblr


56:11 Ayamanatara’s Patreon

56:25 Closing thoughts: we are at a crossroads.

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