Connecting the Branches Episode 4: Devin Nunes’ Mom, Decolonizing Through Authenticity, and more

Connecting the Branches is a podcast that looks at current events through a Kabbalistic lens
Hosts: Irina Xara & Ayamanatara

Episode looks at trolling, politicians, trolling politicians, humor, and decolonizing*


This podcast will be heavily informed by a socially progressive lens that incorporates racial justice, intersectional feminisms, gender liberation, disability justice and a variety of other topics. We also wish to specify that our thoughts in this podcast are spiritually informed by Gnosticism, various esoteric practices, ethnic and cultural Jewish identity, as well as various witchcraft traditions and other multi-denominational practices. Our lived knowledge of Jewish dogmatic practices and especially schools of thought informed by Chasidic interpretation may be limited.

* there is controversy around the idea that white European-descended people have a right to use the term “decolonizing” (vs. something like ‘un-settling”). In the context of this episode, the term is offered as an echo of the work of writers and cultural commentators we are quoting, who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color, and thus the term is theirs to own.

Show Notes Ep. 4

02:10 The Palestinian/Israeli conflict will not be a topic of discussion on this podcast.

04:44 News Story: Devin Nunes got the DOJ to go after the people trolling him on Twitter, to no avail

07:43 From a Kabbalah perspective: humor sits on the tree of life.

12:30 Troll responsibly.

14:00 Irina took an online bystander intervention training course on anti-asian violence. More training opportunities

17:45 It’s important to normalize being different and people with a high profile can help with that.

19:33 “You, showing up as you, in your identity, can help empower other people…”

26:21 The pandemic sped up the paradigm shift.

28:21 Irina gets spicy on their Instagram. Check it out! Their IG is @divinatxcoaching

33:15 Everyone has a right to food, water, and HEALTHCARE.

33:54 A society that bases your value on what you produce is inherently ableist and dehumanizing.

34:15 Luna Pantera

36:15 Cisgendered white women often make sociopolitical choices that align with the white patriarchy, and also make choices that align with the white patriarchy as a way of survival.

37:55 Queer Magic

42:02 Arcane Perfection VS. Becoming Dangerous

50:10 Why are people so comfortable being apolitical? And what does that even mean?

55:11 Sonya Renee Taylor

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