The Magdalene

July 22nd is the feast day of Mary Magdalene. The information about Her handed down by The Church is faulty at best. As Hers is an energy I work with, I thought I would share some of my information.

The Magdalene was a Queen, mystically trained, from northeastern Africa, the area called Ethiopia, whose borders did not correspond to those of modern-day Ethiopia. A powerful healer and brilliant politician with a knack for public relations, She chose to walk with Jeshua to help amplify his message of empowerment. The sacred texts, even through all their edits, concur that, out of those who walked with him, She was his closest advisor and companion.

After Jeshua’s sacrifice, The Magdalene escaped the Romans, fleeing to the far end of the Mediterranean with her two children. To this day, She is revered in the south of France as a healer and a carrier of The Light. She lived a good long life and transitioned from this plane when She was around 80.

The Magdalene works with Her own branch of the ray of Michael, the blue flame. Her energy is huge, and Her focus is on the evolution and empowerment of the human race. It is Her mission to help us find our essential Divine Selves, so we can transcend the chains imposed on so many of us even before her last lifetime.

As luck would have it, Her feast day coincides with my Thursday evening meditation, so that meditation will be from Her. Please join us.

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