[Monday Message] Breaking through indecision

I talk about the Negative Ego a lot, because it is part of what defines our entire experience on this plane of existence. The Negative Ego generates fear, it creates indecision, it brings up control issues, and it confuses us with the illusion of lack. It all goes back to the chimera that the Divine isn’t there. It has been said that either God is everything or it is nothing. If that’s true, then we are all Cells In The Body Divine. God just is, and if that’s true, then there’s nothing to fear. Doesn’t mean we don’t experience it as real. It’s still made up though.

If you are having trouble making decisions, you are in the grip of the illusion of the absence of the Divine. If you make a conscious choice to be where your feet are, you will be in the presence of the Divine, and the indecision will fall away. Get really still and present. Surrender to the flow of the Universe. Focus on the on verifiable information, on what you can see/hear/taste/smell/touch – it will keep you out of the stories and bring you present. This allows you to be in conscious contact with the Divine. “Conscious” because it requires working at consciously directing the focus.

Sometimes, all that is required to break the hold of the negative ego is action. Get present in whatever way works for you, and then pick something, quickly, and do it. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the “right” choice, just do it. Unless you have your finger on the trigger of a weapon, most choices are reversible if they turn out to be sub-optimal. The way through indecision is action. You could even chose to do something that has nothing to do with the choice at hand, but you will find it easier to break the hold of your negative ego if you just start to move forward through the challenge.

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