[Monday Message] Experiential Learning

Behavioral science has shown that experiential understanding is the best way for us to grasp a concept. Theoretical learning that is not applied is not fully understood. We learn by doing, by experiencing, and by teaching others. We are interactive beings.

From Spirit’s point of view, without the third-dimensional experience of being here, we would not be able to learn as quickly. The more we experience, the faster we learn, and the sooner we reunite with the Divine consciousness. We are all here to learn more about ourselves and, by doing so, learn more about the Divine. The irony, of course, is that God is everything. Your coffee cup is part of God, this cat is part of God, that pencil is part of God, and you are part of God. All qualities, all realities, all beings. All cells in the Body Divine.

We are in the process of putting ourselves back together as part of the Divine, of re-memebering who we are. In order to do that, it is helpful to learn to develop an experience of the Divine. To quote a blog post from January,

As counterintuitive as it sounds, the easiest way to become aware of The Divine is through its (perceived) lack. One way to explain the root of societal ills is that people have bought into the illusion that they are somehow separate from The All That Is (which is the best description of Fear I can think of). It creates what, in some circles, is described as a “God-shaped hole”, and people try all manner of things to fill up what can feel like anything from a gaping wound to an emptiness in their chest. My point being, though, that they become aware of The Divine because they notice it’s missing.

It’s not, of course, because it is The All That Is. By buying into the illusion of separation, though, they separate themselves from the experience of The Divine and are suddenly very, very alone. A fish out of water.

As we start to consciously put ourselves back into connection with The All That Is, as we fill that hole in our chests up with the only puzzle piece that will ever truly fit, our consciousness expands. It is like we have awakened from a dream.

The challenge, at that point, is that we don’t stay there. Partly because there is no such thing as stasis – everything has an ebb and a flow or a push and a pull; if it didn’t, that thing would cease to exist. And partly because, if we stay in that space, it becomes our baseline, and we stop trying to grow spiritually. This kicks off another round of feeling separated from The Divine, because we’re back to just being a fish in water. If you’re not having a visceral, conscious connection with The All That Is, it must not be there.

In this way, we are constantly reinforcing the experiential learning of becoming Divine.

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