[Monday Message] Processing Spiritual Concepts

In 2019, The Magdalene saidIn every event that happens, look for the highest vibration of the information associated with it. Do not get stuck in focusing on the old. Every piece of information, every event, has multiple layers of information. Look for the top layer. Look for what it offers you an opportunity for in terms of remembering who you are, in terms of transcendence, in terms of immanence, in terms of how does that bring you closer to your divinity.

If every piece of information has multiple layers to it, I have a choice of where to focus. The further up in vibration I focus, the cleaner the information is; that is to say, there is less hindrance from the ego. But those other levels may have useful information too. They may at the very least tell me something about myself.

Some of those levels may very well contradict each other. For people who like clear cut direction, this can be anxiety-inducing. Be aware, as much as possible, of what level you are viewing a piece of information. That way, when you shift the level of your view, it is less disconcerting if the Truth shifts as well.

In 2011, my guides saidThis is what you are here for, this is why you came, to be present for these changes. And yet, you are afraid. You rebel, you stomp your feet and pout. We are on the eve of a momentous event, not seen in thousands of years, since before your currently recorded history, and it is magnificent. Why do you shy away from this?

At the highest level I can tap into

  • everything that happens outside of my perceived self is a reflection of an internal process;
  • I am part of the Divine (and so are you), so there’s nothing really to be frightened of;
  • my ego is merely the thing that allows me to have an experience without remembering that I am part of the All.
  • Further on in that same post, they said “Look for the beauty, the music, in each and every moment. Allow the symphony to unfold. Let the world transform into something much more than the sum of her parts (as if you could stop it).

    That tells me where to focus. Where are the patterns? Where is the gloriousness? What about now? And now? And now?

    In a different post from 2011 I said “Surrendering to the process when I’m not in a moment of crisis is not my natural inclination; I don’t think it’s anyone’s really. I have found, however, that mustering up the willingness to get out of the way is pretty effective all on its own. Even that, though, may not be as easy as it sounds. In most of us, the ego is strong; it is used to being in charge.

    In moments of global disaster, I can reach for guidance and insight easily, because my human mind just shorts out. In day to day matters, my ego is fully invested and jabbering away at me, so I have to practice, daily, constantly, to get out of the way so I can reach for the higher levels of information. When I get out of the way, the paradox that might arise doesn’t phase me. It’s just my ego that has a problem with it, as it turns out.

    It’s just an exercise in acceptance. However that Truth appears at the time is how it appears. If that appearance changes, it changes.

    Paradox can be an unsettling concept for some people. If this reflection brings you anxiety, breathe. Take a deep, deep breath. Exhale fully. What is your fear? Can you allow this to simply be what it is? Perhaps you need to take this into contemplation, to examine it from all angles, while remaining detached from the negative ego. Labyrinth walks are good for that sort of thing. You can also pick a mantra that you find soothing and chant it until you feel comfortable again, and then revisit the issue. Some people will process this better if they pray about it. Each person is different. Find your process, figure out what works best for you with difficult concepts.

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