The Magdalene: How to shift with the energies going forward

The MagdaleneFrom the 3/19/19 Channeling of The Magdalene:

It is very important to not allow yourself to get stuck listening to the echoes of the old. What you’re hearing from the media and politicians is all echoes of the old. Echoes get distorted. It is not even old energy, it’s merely echoes. But if you let yourself get stuck in that, if you let yourself get hooked into that, things will get even more jumbled. Keep looking forward. Keep allowing for positive change. Keep holding the attention that, every time something that could be perceived as negative happens, it is a call for change. Do not dwell on the event, dwell on the call. The event is part of the old, focus on where you want to be, not where you don’t want to be.

In every event that happens, look for the highest vibration of the information associated with it. Do not get stuck in focusing on the old. Every piece of information, every event, has multiple layers of information. Look for the top layer. Look for what it offers you an opportunity for in terms of remembering who you are, in terms of transcendence, in terms of immanence, in terms of how does that bring you closer to your divinity. The tragedies have gotten closer and closer together because you are being bombarded with more and more opportunities to step more consciously into your divinity. The tragedies are not always perpetrated. There are the storms in southern Africa, there are the volcanoes, there is the super storm at the center of this country, and there are the man made tragedies. Each one of these is an opportunity to stand more firmly in your divinity. Look for the kernel of divine information. Not the way the fundamentalists do, in thinking it is some sort of judgment from a divine being, but what does this event tell you about creating? What does this event remind me of who I am? How does this event allow me to connect with the other divine seeds around me? The spiritual point of tragedies is to remind gods/goddesses becoming of their unity instead of their separation. When a tragedy occurs, people open their hearts. They reach out, they call each other brother or sister, they become a global family. And as that happens, a light turns on in each person that connects to that grid. You become the grid yourself. You become divine inspiration. And every time you have an ah-ha moment with this, share that with someone else, so that it grows outward, and the grid becomes bigger.

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  1. Ayamanatara, yes! Brilliant writing, timing, and truth. Keep Ma Magdalena Fires burning bright, eternal, internal, sunshine of invincible innocence in action.


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