Spring Energies (from the March newsletter)

The Spring Equinox (3/20 21:58GMT) is about balance. The days and nights are equal in length right now (depending on where you live), and non-Christians around the world tend to celebrate fertility at this time. Even the secular version of Easter is all about fertility. Eggs! Bunnies! Springtime! To me, Spring is the beginning of the year.

The Veil is moving from her thickest point at the beginning of February, and has started to thin again. She won’t be fully thin until May 5th at 18:58GMT, but we can feel the energy loosening up a bit.

We will be in Mercury Retrograde in Pisces for most of this month, and under the influence of it well into April. We will be processing old feelings and working to create closure on old wounds. Most people don’t generally work on processing until they get really uncomfortable, so there’s a stronger than usual chance of getting triggered unless we really listen to ourselves.

And we are firmly in the swing of this next, stronger, Shift. The old paradigm is falling away, and we are seeing distorted echoes of it everywhere. That’s what the nostalgic call for the olden days is, that’s what the rise of fascism around the globe is, and that’s what is creating all the polarization in opinion. If we can recognize it as an echo, we can focus on where we’re going, rather than responding to weird echoes of what once was. Normalize equality, respect, and compassion. Normalize awareness. Normalize a strong sense of community with all of humanity. Normalize having an obligation to our fellows, to care for those who are at a disadvantage, to share, rather than hoard, resources. Normalize empowerment.

Remember, you are the light of the world!

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