A Short Note on New Moon in Scorpio

This new moon (today) in Scorpio is about alchemy – boiling things down to their essence, transforming and transmuting, fermentation… So, amongst all the other things I’ve been working on today, I am boiling down the rose hips I harvested this week. It wasn’t until just now that I realized it was more thematic than procrastination…

My husband recently got one of those soda-makers, and has been experimenting with soda flavors. As soon as he started talking about it, I knew I wanted to make some medicinals. I’m not sure if I’ll be mixing anything in with the rose hips, once I’ve made syrup out of the juice… I probably will… But I will now have one more tool in my arsenal against the winter viruses that seem to plow their way through my circles. Sometimes soda is more interesting to me than tea.


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