May Newsletter

Apologies for the tardiness of this newsletter. April was eventful… Hopefully we’re back on track now.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Beltane is here (or nigh, depending on how you calculate)! It is a time of fertility, a time when nature blatantly displays her beauty to being about the conception of life. Flowers and trees are budding, things are incredibly green, everything is alive and bursting free from the earth. The veils are thin, the boundaries between the otherworld and here are more mutable, and faerie energy is everywhere.

Astrologically, we are fast approaching the point at which we will all have to stand in our Truth, whether we thing we are ready or not. If you are someone who resists change, this is going to be a challenging time, but if you embrace change, this is a time to spread your winds and soar. Own who you are, change what doesn’t appeal or serve, and be Who You Are, in all your glory.

The second trimester of Matrix International University has just begun. I am one month in on an introductory series in Canyon Country on Faerie Magick. We are in the time of the Big Sun, when our activities and impulses flow outward and most of us are more social. Now is a time of action, of making things happen! Look for the magic and the miracles all around you, revel in the glory of nature, and dance the dance of change. Take walks, spend time outside, listen to the birds, talk to the trees. Enjoy!

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