A Short Note on the Current Energies

I have to run off and teach, but I did want to make a note of the energy before I lost the thoughts…

I know I’m feeling the solar storm. It has been hard to sleep, and everything just feels off. It’s somewhat similar to what I feel like before an earthquake, which was disconcerting until I remembered the solar activity. I have definitely been having flashes of insight, especially the turned-inward kind.

First quarter moon is tomorrow night. I’m sure that’s contributing to the off feeling.

We’re also having very unusual weather, seasonally speaking, here in Southern California. It had not rained on August 2nd since they started recording rainfall. It’s not like Albuquerque or anything, but it’s stillĀ  unusual.

Spirit says to drink lots of water, meditate when you can’t sleep, and ground ground ground. Writing helps.

Feel free to drop me a note or comment below and let me know how the energies are affecting you.

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