Shifting Paradigms

We are in the midst of some revolutionary energy right now. The astrology points to it, and we’re certainly feeling it. This is creating “paradigm shift” energy. Essentially, we have the opportunity to change not only how we’ve been doing things, but the conditions under which we’ve been operating. We can let go of what we know about how things work and open up to new possibilities. Don’t wait for other people to ” get it,” just do it. You won’t be leaving them, this paradigm doesn’t go away for anyone, you can just choose to have your consciousness operate from a different one. I get the impression that we’ve all been waiting for everyone to shift en masse. Let go of that idea and just move your consciousness to a different space.

If you have spent the last week or so thinking it feels an awful lot like Mercury Retrograde, you’re ready. Mercury is blissfully direct right now. It is, however, a sign or symptom of the opportunity to shift when your science and your magic stop working quite right. Both are aspects of communication, which is Mercury’s domain. If you’re feeling it, you are in liminal space. Take advantage of that, rather than being frustrated by technological, communication, or manifestation challenges.

The question arises, of course, of how to achieve such a shift. The way it has been explained to me is to simply focus on shifting my attention or operating system to coming from the light body, rather than from the physicality. They key seems to be allowing the perceived importance of this “reality” to fall away.  Again, it’s not like you’re going to stop being here or even stop experiencing here, you’ll just be doing it from a much different perspective.

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