The Transformational Energy of the Equinox at the New Moon/Eclipse

At 2:36am Thursday night into Friday morning (Pacific time) there will be a full solar eclipse. Of course, we won’t see it on the west coast of the United States (or anywhere in the US), because it will be nighttime. That does not mean we won’t be affected by the energy. That moment in time, being also the Vernal Equinox, is actually a moment suspended outside of time, the hanging pause at the top of the roller coaster, enhanced by the extra pause of, once again, not-quite-shifting astrological signs.

Combine this with the multiple planetts in fire signs, Saturn’s retrograde motion, and the Pluto-Uranus square, and we have the foundation for HUGE personal shift. This is a no-time or no-place where we can receive clear messages from our Higher Self and from Soul. This is a perfect moment in which to bring ourselves into perfect alignment on all levels and set big intentions for our lives.

I realize that, for most of my readership, this is going to happen in the middle of the night, but stay up or set an alarm. This is an important opportunity to reprogram your reality. Meditate, do automatic writing, make art – do whatever it is the connects you to the spiritual and allows you to receive information and guidance. Create sweeping affirmations about how you want your life to feel. Embrace change; frolic in it!

Welcome home.

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