Classes I (already) know are happening in 2017

in case you like planning in advance

Experiential Kabbalah Level I
available to both new students and audits
Third Friday of the month
January – December (with an optional class in January 2018)

Experiential Kabbalah III (Pathworking)
prerequisite: Kabbalah Levels I & II
Second & Fourth Thursdays 7:30-9:30
January – December

Shamanic Practitioner Training
prerequisite: Psychic Protection (offered this fall)
TranceWork: Mondays 1/23-2/13 7:30-9:30
Allies: Sunday 2/26 noon-6pm
Healing, level 1: Wednesdays 3/1-3/15 7:30-9:30
Healing, level 2: Saturday 4/1 11:00am-7:00pm
Shaman as Historian & Storyteller: to be scheduled
Ceremonial Design: to be scheduled
Where Trancework and Healing Meet: to be scheduled
Shaman as Psychopomp: to be scheduled

Magickal Foundations continues on the third Monday of the month

Conference on Current Pagan Studies: 1/28-29
Claremont, CA

Pantheacon: 2/17-20
San Jose, CA

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