From the August newsletter: Creating the Ultimate Win-Win

In the past few years, the veil of illusion that separates the majority of the population from the people in power has become more flimsy. People catch glimpses of reality often enough to be aware that the Wizard is not All That and the Emperor is having a wardrobe issue. The thing is, they’re just glimpses. It’s enough to get folks’ hackles up and make us jumpy, but the impressions aren’t solid. It makes people have to assume, instead of sort through data, and they don’t want to sort through the facts that *are* available. The impulse has become “We got fooled before, it’s not going to happen again!”

The challenge is that this makes it easier to manipulate people, rather than harder. All anyone has to do is play to the first and second chakras – survival and emotion – and the higher functions don’t get a chance to intervene.

The way out is not to look for a Savior. The way out is to realize what equality and empowerment really mean, and to create partnerships and alliances. You contain the entire blueprint of the Divine. So does the person to your left and to your right. Each of you may have a slightly different understanding of what that means. Each of you may access your power, the power of the Universe, in a slightly different way. Imagine the strength that can come from joining forces. It’s like the idea of running batteries in serial or hyperthreading a processor.

The fastest way to do this is to simultaneously own your power while acknowledging and honoring the (equal) power of those around you. We are each a cell in the body Divine. We each have the entire blueprint of Divinity within us. If I stand in my Godself, and I connect to your Godself, each of us becomes a human being in the interaction, and that interaction becomes about the people, not the transaction. Then, and only then, do we create real, tangible, measurable, permanent change in the world. It is the ultimate win-win.
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