Leo New Moon and its Attendant Energies

Tonight is the New Moon in Leo. We have 5 planets in Fire Signs as well. This combination makes for super powerful manifestation energy. Keep in mind, though, that Fire demands a sacrifice for its power, and a sacrifice is something you didn’t think you were done with yet. So what you probably want to examine is what in your life has the biggest hook for your ego.

On top of that, we have a strong chance of solar-magnetic energy hitting the planet today and tomorrow. This can heighten emotions and sensitivities, make your nerves raw, and create challenges with sleep (especially in conjunction with the fire energy).

My recommendation for your practice tonight is to start with a cleaning bath or shower, followed by rubbing your hands and feet with salt. The first brings in water, to cool your energy, and the salt will help ground you; both help clear your energy of any drama you may have picked up or gotten hit with today.

Then take a little time to do some journaling. If you had to give everything up – your things, your ideas about yourself, and your ideas about how the world is or should be – what makes your head scream NO?  Where is the ego hooked? Where is the resistance?

If you have access to a fire pit, great; if not, you’ll want a candle and a fireproof dish or cauldron. On a fresh piece of paper, write out those things with the strongest resistance to letting go, and, if you can, what the reasons or excuses are. Set the intention, out loud preferably, to be rid of the ego attachment, and light the paper on fire, letting it burn completely.

Now, in view of the night sky, set your intentions for the coming month. Go big, but don’t overextend your energy levels. Conjure up what it would feel like to have those intentions come to fruition. Feel it in your body, as strongly as possible. Speak the intention to the night sky as if that fruition had occurred.

Now take yourself into a meditative state, and write out a detailed plan of action and everything you will need to create that fruition. Do it as if you can access all of the resources you need. Schedule the parts of it you can, and hold yourself accountable. Trust that the Universe will help you do what you need to do.

Thank the Moon and the Sun, drink at least 8oz of water with lemon, and eat something grilled over fire, preferably locally sourced.

I’d love to hear how the magic unfolds for you this month!

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