Solstice and New Moon: The Energies of this Week

Protip: The height of the Solstice occurs at 9:30pm (Pacific), so West Coasters can celebrate for TWO days.

In a fit of synchronicity, today and tomorrow bring a heat alert for Southern California; much of the US seems abnormally warm, honestly. Heat makes people somewhat unpredictable, because they tend to feel overwhelmed. It also says their strength, which can remove those filters that encourage social niceties.

Yet we will feel the urge to be social, because Solstice. Regardless of what our weather is doing, or how introverted we are, most of our bodies are synced with the Sun, and Summer Solstice bring out the extrovert in all of us.

On the other hand, Friday, at 7:30pm (Pacific), we have a highly emotional New Moon in Cancer. We may feel like hunkering down and nursing our wounds, real or imagined.

Which means there’s going to be a push-pull going on. 

Are you more keyed to the Sun or the Moon? In at least one thread of spiritual philosophy, the Moon is actually part of the Earth, and everything in between is the Earth’s field. I know that my body is certainly more lunar, and my impulses are more solar. Perhaps you are the same?

Food for thought, and energy for navigation.

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