Creating Change Through the Internet

Many thanks to the Rev. Dr. Karen Tate for having me on her radio program, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, this evening! Karen and I got to talking at this year’s Conference on Current Pagan Studies back in January, and she asked me to come share with her listeners the work I’ve been doing on using the Internet as a magickal tool for social change and equality. We had a rollicking good time, and got into some juicy political discussion (even more than my usual) towards the end.

Since we referenced a few things I said could be found here on my website, I thought I would put all those things in this post:

  • The survey I am using to collect data for the book I am writing on this topic
  • The video of my first presentation (2016) on the topic at the Conference on Current Pagan Studies
  • Some of the sources for action and change I referenced include:
    5 Calls
    Daily Action
    Sleeping Giants (or here)
    and Indivisible
  • The “traditional” news sources I use most (and understand that I am a data junkie, I don’t recommend anyone read as much news as I do) are The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Economist, and; as a very related aside, if you want the media to continue to call politicians and corporations on their BS, subscribe or donate to the Truth Speakers, so they remain in business. Until the paradigm shifts, your wallet works as a tool for change.
  • The article I recommended that everyone read about the Koch brothers, the economist Buchanan, and the frightening vision of the right that goes against the values on which this country was founded is this one: What Is the Far Right’s Endgame? A Society That Suppresses the Majority
  • CBS reported on the fact that Putin gave direct instructions to help elect the current administration
  • I think that’s all the supplemental information from the interview. Let me know if I missed anything…

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