Solar Storms Hitting Mars and Earth 

This is fascinating.

SpaceWeather reports

On July 23rd, NASA and European spacecraft observed a massive explosion on the far side of the sun. A spectacular CME tore through the sun’s atmosphere and it now appears to be en route to Mars. Earth will not feel the effects of the blast because of its location on the opposite side of the sun. However, the source of the eruption, old sunspot AR2665, will turn back toward our planet in early August, possibly bringing a new round of geomagnetic storms and auroras. 

One of my guides has been talking about the August Solar Eclipse as being an opportunity for humanity to make a grand shift, giving it as much importance as 9/11. Don’t think about that day, think about the days that followed – we became a community. Spirit would have loved for us to stay there, but (you might have noticed) we didn’t. The constant repetition of images of destruction on the television created an atmosphere of traumatic fear, which encourages us to give up our power and become rigid, rather than remaining in empathy and unity.

What does this have to do with the solar explosion this weekend?

Let me start by defining some symbolism. The planet Earth can be seen as an aspect of the higher self of much of humanity. The planet Mars can be seen as an aspect of the higher self of those who breathe the ratified air of extreme privilege on this planet. The sun of our solar system, known as Sol, can be seen as representative of the heart of both higher selves.

When Sol aims her energy at Terra/Earth, she can be seen as trying to jolt or shock us into a course correction. When Sol aims her energy at Mars, she can be seen as trying to shock or jolt the holders of power and wealth into a course correction.

I love this imagery, by the way: “tore through the sun’s atmosphere…” When Grandmother Spider talks about the energy of the Eclipse, there is the image of a tear or a gash rending the Earth’s atmosphere. And it’s possible that the solar energy will hit Earth around that time.

If this is coming from the CME, and the energy is strong enough, expect electrical outages, malfunctioning satellites, and cranky electronics. I wouldn’t be surprised – Mercury will be retrograde and it will be the second New Moon in Leo (the first being last night).

The part that really jumped out at me was that the energy is hitting Mars first. I expect this week to be very politically interesting (and that, considering the current state of affairs in the US, is saying something). I can’t help wondering if there’s going to be more medical news out of Washington DC…

We live in interesting times.

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