Good news! My Psychic Protection class is now online!

I have been offering Psychic Protection as an in-person class since 2012, and I have finally developed an online version that you can take at your own pace. If you are taking the class as a prerequisite for another class, there are homework assignments and a small project that need to be completed. There is no extra charge to take the class for credit; in fact, some classes will get you a discount on the Protection class when you register for both at the same time!

To be perfectly honest, part of my impetus for making this available now is that it is a prerequisite for my upcoming Oracle of Delphi Channeling class, and I would like more students to be able to take the class.

This practical, hands-on course will teach you

  • how to clear yourself and your space, and how to keep it clear
  • how to protect yourself from attack
  • how to work in harmony with the energies around you so you don’t have to live in fear

On a more concrete level, you will learn about

  • personal shielding
  • grids, amulets, & wards
  • prayers & mantras
  • clearing techniques
  • how to correct stagnant feng shui

The online version of this class includes 6 videos, a handout packet, and access to a private, online discussion board we use as a virtual classroom. Cost is $198.

The research paper or project will be on the protection methods of a given tradition, one that is not already followed by the student doing the paper or project. Papers and presentations will be posted to the virtual classroom. Past projects have included rituals, crafting protection items, and video productions.

Final project for Psychic Protection by Sandy

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