New Moon in Taurus – Not What You’d Expect

I’ve mentioned a few times in the last months that mid-May has the potential for paradigm shift. This is the week in question. I usually live the New Moon in May – it’s bawdy, earthy, irreverent and real. This year, though, we have Uranus throwing everything into upheaval.

Pay attention to the global news for the next three days (including today). It will give you some clues. The people close to you may also be a microcosm of the turmoil, but I’m betting on a grander scale. Whatever you think is solid is probably going to be less so.

When the stable and predictable things and people in your life behave erratically and become unpredictable, you realize how much you needed that anchor. -ElsaElsa

This is phoenix energy; explosive, fast, fiery, and offering a new beginning. I am reminded of the quote (from the movie, not the book) from Hotel New Hampshire:

Whatever happened, happened quickly. Sorrow floats, too.

Keep passing those open windows, people. Breathe, relax into the new current, don’t hold on to anything too tightly. You’re just going to lose fingernails.

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