Manifestation Cedar – Available for a limited time

Manifestation CedarOver New Year’s weekend (2017-2018), I was up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and had the opportunity to collect some pollinating cedar windfall from trees that grow among the redwoods. It is now fully dried and ready to be passed on to you! This Manifestation Cedar can be ground for you, if you’re going to use it in a blend for incense or smudge, or you can have it whole.

Cedar is considered a Grandmother tree in the Norse tradition. Druids associate cedar with the Tree of Life, she is sacred in Judaism, and is one of the traditional nine woods used in the Druid balefire. The Cherokee hold that the cedar tree holds powerful ancestor spirits. Cedar that grows amongst the redwoods has been encouraged and nurtured by trees even older than the Grandmother!

Any time a plant that is pollinating is used in workings, it brings in extra creation energy. This is its most fertile phase, and cedar trees, especially, like to share that abundance and fertility with the world (those of you with allergies know what I’m talking about). I would almost never harvest straight from a pollinating plant – these were branches knocked down by the wind and found on the ground, with pollen still attached.

The fact that these cedar tips were collected over the calendrical New Year adds to the manifestation energy. The New Year is a time of fresh starts, of renewed resolve, and of goal setting. If you are wanting to bring new things into the world, what better energy to use?

I am offering ground Manifestation Cedar for $10 per 1/2oz
whole tips for $8 for a bag (1/2oz equivalent)

My supplies are limited, so this is a first-come-first-served situation. I would prefer not to ship plant matter (there are some sticky regulations), so this offer is only available to people in the Southern California area who can meet up with me. You can either contact me directly if you have my information, or via the contact form.

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