Astrology heads up for end of June

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto will all be retrograde between June 26, 2018 and July 10th, 2018.

Mars rules passion, action, and our get-up-and-go. In retrograde, those things may require re-evaluation or extra attention. If you have been slacking on taking your herbs & vitamins, I would start back up now, so your immune system is ready to go.

Jupiter is about expansion, growth, and abundance. In retrograde, you might feel called to analyze your path – what has been working, what’s not working, if your goals need honing, that sort of thing.

Saturn governs How Things Work, laws, foundational structure, and time. You will probably asking yourself how your foundation is, evaluating how you spend your time, and your relationship to the rules. This is a bad time for shortcuts, by the way.

Neptune is about dream time, imagination, inspiration, and spirituality. Some people, during retrograde, might hit a Dark Night of the Soul or crisis of faith. Some people might feel called to change up their daily practice, others to double down on it. You will likely be very introspective. If you haven’t been journaling your dreams, doing so during this period may bring special insight.

Ah, Pluto. Pluto is power, the subconscious, revelation and rebirth, inner truths, that sort of thing. Get ready to purge, to uncover, discover, and discard! It may not be comfortable, but the payoff will be spectacular.

In summary, those weeks are going to be very introspective. It might be in your best interest to schedule some time away from distractions, go on a meditation retreat, or at least hole up and turn off the electronics. Avoiding this by Netflix bingeing or busy-ing is going to make the next chapter very difficult to navigate.

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