A perfect time to change

Mars (action), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (foundation, structure, boundaries), and Neptune (dream time, imagination) are all in their home signs.

This is a great time to make some changes. As a shaman, I see “dream time” as little different than “awake time,” except you tend to have better access to your magic in the former. I suspect Neptune sees it the same way. After all, imagination is a necessity for magic! So if you can envision the effect of the changes (and I don’t just mean see, feel is even more important), you can make this happen.

Take concrete action on strengthening your foundation and structure, and ohmygods your boundaries. You’ll have the oomph for it. Where do you slack? Where do you people please? Where do you need to be more accountable to yourself and others? Write out your plan! Make a commitment to yourself to follow through. Don’t put it off. Practice every day for 14 days to establish new habits.

And watch how your life changes!

If you’re looking for a little help with this, I have found Kabbalah to be an excellent assist, both in my personal life and for my students. My year-long level one Experiential Kabbalah class starts this Friday, and I’m offering a Kabbalah Meditation on Sunday. Details and registration can be found via my calendar of events.

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