Tarot Playshop Reading for December

I hold a Tarot Playshop on the first Wednesday of the month, in which we explore intuitive card reading. It is open to all levels of experience, including the brand new novice. We work more with the visual language of the cards than with memorization of card meanings, and how to improve our intuition. As part of the playshop, we pull a question from my collection of questions from previous students, and everyone does a reading on it. How that happens varies from month to month. This month, each person threw cards and read their own cards, using a sample layout as described below. I tend to post the results, since it is unlikely that the person who asked the question was in the class that read on it.

The Tarot Reading from this month’s Playshop seeks to answer the question:

What do I need to do to get back into management at my job

Layout 1
*Past: Cheetah
*Present: Bear
*Hidden Influences: Fox
*Querent: Frog
*Attitudes of Others: Whale
*What Querent Should Do: Peacock
*Likely Outcome: Tarantula

Layout 2
*Past: 2 of Swords
*Present: 9 of Swords
*Hidden Influences: High Priestess
*Querent: The Chariot
*Attitudes of Others: 9 of Cups
*What Querent Should Do: 10 of Pentacles (reversed)
*Likely Outcome: Son of Swords

Layout 3
*Past: 9 of Swords
*Present: 3 of Pentacles
*Hidden Influences: 3 of Swords
*Querent: King of Pentacles
*Attitudes of Others: Ace of Wands
*What Querent Should Do: Wheel of Fortune
*Likely Outcome: The Moon

The readers had the sense that this was perhaps not the right question, or was a question based on what the querent thought they were supposed to want.

In any event, the action suggested was that of non-action. Stop, pause. Wait. Let things clarify; that might include letting what you actually want to come to the surface. Let the Universe handle the results here.

If you would like to submit a question for a future reading, please use the contact form to send it in.

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