Cycles of the Goddess

In 2020, instead of doing a Full Moon Women’s Circle, I will be offering an online subscription program of Goddess-centric devotional material. All live sessions will be available via video conference and phone. The program will still incorporate some of Lasara Firefox Allen‘s work on the fivefold goddess model, as well as aiming to elevate the feminine experience in all cyclical observances, whether they are lunar or solar.

  • There will be a live meditation (also available as a recording) every New Moon. Most of these will also be an event that can be attended in person in Los Angeles.
  • There will be a live lesson & discussion at each First Quarter Moon.
  • There will be a Goddess Ritual at each Full Moon. The main ritual will be open to Femmes and NBs, men will receive a recorded meditation.
  • At the Last Quarter Moon, subscribers will receive an emailed topic and exercises to connect with the energy.
  • At Dark Moon, subscribers will receive a second set of topic and exercises.
  • There will be live rituals at the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross-Quarters, open to all.
  • All rituals and meditations will be available for download as recordings for subscribers who can’t be part of the live event.
  • Subscribers will have access to a private discussion community on the MeWe platform.
  • Subscribers will be able to partake in a quarterly private online coaching session.
  • Because I feel it is important to start at a New Moon, the first New Moon Meditation will be posted on December 25th of this year for people who have already subscribed. I’ve currently got the dates scheduled through August’s New Moon.

    The cost will only be $75 a month for 13 cycles, or $888 if people pay in full up front. You can sign up here.

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