Forecast: Looking Ahead to 2020

As I’m doing my 2020 forecasts for clients, a theme keeps coming up over and over again, and it came up in a student reading in Journey the Mystical Tarot as well. So I thought I would share the information here.

This is a pivotal year world-wide. Numerologically, we are in a year of either hard work or Spiritual Community Building, take your pick. As the kids like to say, “porque no los dos?” Astrologically, the year is bookended by 2 calls to action: we start with the opportunity to blast out all the structures which no longer work (personally, in our communities, and in larger-scale systems), and we end it with a push towards envisioning how our future will feel. Everything that happens in between is what gives us the chance to create a new paradigm. If you want more information on the astrology, there’s a very nice synopsis in Llwellyn’s 2020 Sun Sign book in the “2020 At A Glance” chapter.

The photo attached to this post is the spread for the 2020 forecast we did in Journey the Mystical Tarot last weekend (the deck is The Robin Wood Tarot). Here are the whiteboard notes for it:

whiteboard notes for the 2020 forecast

What it looks like is the year starting out with some sort of fiscal or resource-based crisis (not sure yet if it is sudden or gradual), although there is a strong suggestion to not believe the doom and gloom that gets talked about/reported on; in fact, the beginning of the year may not be the best time to pay attention to the news at all — just assume they’re lying to you or looking at the wrong thing. Energy follows focus, and the energy of emotions is stronger than the energy of thoughts when it comes to manifestation; where you focus your attention is what you’ll be feeding, so watch where you focus. In times of paradigm shift, it becomes especially important to focus on how you want your life to feel, rather than on what you don’t want, or on how you want it to look. If you thought 2019 was filled with distractions, wait until you see 2020. Your best bet is to continually bring your focus back to the things that are really important to you in a positive way, and to pause a lot, so you don’t get overwhelmed. In fact, if you don’t pause a lot, your ability to manifest is going to be wonky. Mostly, don’t let other people define your reality for you, and practice releasing a lot so you can move into a new paradigm with a modicum of grace.

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