Stardate 03212020 – New Beginnings

The numerology of today is a 1 (add all those digits together). It is a number of new beginnings. We’re also coming up on a New Moon, also feed for new beginnings.

  • What new skill will you learn today?
  • What seeds will you plant today?
  • What new project will you begin?
  • What new habit will you establish?

Make lists, set goals, plan projects, acknowledge intentions.

Reach out to three people and learn something new about them.

Pick a subject about which you know little and dive in.

If you could invent yourself anew, in this time of new beginnings, what would that look like?

Sometimes we get lost in the drama and hullabaloo, stuck in what we’ve lost: that’s incredibly easy right now. Focus, instead, on the new. Write a gratitude list for the new things in your life today, and decide to embrace your new beginnings.

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