What in the World: Perspectives and Ancient History

We got involved in some discussion that went long, so you get a two-parter! Check back next week for Part 2…

In this episode, we talk about a burial cave in France, shifting timelines and stepping sideways, Neanderthals vs Saquatch, and cultural views about what “advanced” means… mostly…

My ever fabulous Social Media Marketing Assistant, Teagan, says I should give y’all more resources, like links, and she put together this treasure trove for you:

(1m20) Grotte de Cusac, in Dordogne, Francean ancient burial cave

(10m35) Anasazi and the American southwest- scientists say they died out but Ayamanatara says they stepped sideways. They’re still with us, just in a different place.
more: https://www.crystalinks.com/anasazi.html

(11m26) Jean Houston’s book “Jump Time” explaining the concept of jumping to different timelines.

(11m58) Ice Ages – We are still in the Holocene Epoch, which is an interglacial period of the Quarternary Age

(12m48) Atlantis – a being made event, not a natural disaster

(13m09) Scientists are now growing mini neanderthal brains

(14m08) Neanderthal brains are much more functional than human brains. Their brains were automatically in a mystical space.

(15m11) What about sasquatch? Is there a connection?

(17m57) When we talk about ancient civilizations and their advanced technology, it’s different than when we talk about our advanced technology. Everybody comes from a different starting point and it’s arrogant for “us” to know what “advanced” is or that our version of “advanced” is the only way.

(20m07) The definition of “Advanced”

What In The World…? is a podcast that covers metaphysics, ancient civilizations, archeological digs, alien contact, angels, deities, folks with better technology that we have, and any other esoteric mysteries that catch our fancy. Ayamanatara has guests come and ask her questions or bring up discussion topics, and she accesses the Akashic to bring more illumination to those subjects.

If you have topics you would like us to cover or if you have commentary, please send us a note!

Featured panelists: Dave Berck and Lisa Frith
Intro and Outro are a recording of a Keppler star, courtesy of NASA

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