What in the World: Samhain Edition

This is our Halloween/Day of the Dead/Samhain edition! Spoopy!

My ever fabulous Social Media Marketing Assistant, Teagan, says I should give y’all more resources, like links, and she and Dave put together this treasure trove for you:

(1m00) When the veil thins. Extra paranormal activities or consumerism? The explanation of Halloween and its history throughout different cultures

(11m48) Now that more people are staying home, there are more reports on hauntings. Is it because they are more sensitive to it at this time? Or are the ghosts annoyed the humans are home so much?

(13m58) Zombie Storms!

(15m30) Let’s play word association!
(15m51) Skinwalker Ranch
(18m20) Ancient Ram Inn
(20m45) Paris Catacombs
(22m26) Wycliffe Well

What In The World…? is a podcast that covers metaphysics, ancient civilizations, archeological digs, alien contact, angels, deities, folks with better technology that we have, and any other esoteric mysteries that catch our fancy. Ayamanatara has guests come and ask her questions or bring up discussion topics, and she accesses the Akashic to bring more illumination to those subjects.

If you have topics you would like us to cover or if you have commentary, please send us a note!

Featured panelists: Dave Berck & Lisa Frith
Intro and Outro are a recording of a Keppler star, courtesy of NASA

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