Geomagnetic Storm Incoming!

SpaceWeather says a Geomagnetic Storm is coming:

A CME is coming. The solar storm cloud was hurled toward us yesterday by an explosion in the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2790. NOAA forecasters expect the CME to hit Earth’s magnetic field during the second half of Dec. 9th. The impact could spark a geomagnetic storm–most likely a minor G1-class event, with a slight chance of escalating to category G3 (strong).

I’ve already been feeling it, the email alert only explained why I was feeling what I was feeling. Have you been jangly? Out of sorts? Raw? I mean, yes, we’ve got a lot to grieve right now; this has been out of character for how I had been feeling up to Monday.

When Sol throws energy at us, it affects not just the geomagnetic or electromagnetic field of the planet, but our own electromagnetic fields as well. We will feel out of sorts, uncomfortable. Possibly even more absent minded or scattered.

From a spiritual point of view, Terra is an aspect of our higher selves, so when we ground, we are putting our field into alignment. The Solar System is an even higher aspect, which means that Sol is a higher manifestation of our heart chakra. So solar storms affect us on an spiritual level as well as a physical one.

The best solution I know of is to bring oneself into alignment with the solar energy as quickly as possible, in order to be less affected by the storm.

  • Ground
  • Drink more water
  • Eat things that are as close to raw or recognizable as possible
  • Do modified sun salutations: plant your feet firmly on the ground, and feel the connection. Reach up to the sky, as in the yoga pose Sun Salutation. Imagine yourself grabbing or connecting with the energy of Sol, and draw it down to you, through the top of your head, and down into your heart. Let it rest there for a moment, creating a harmony or alignment, and then send it down through your feet into the planet. Reach up again, this time imagining that you are grabbing the energy of the heart of the Milky Way, our galaxy. Draw that down, through your head, and into your heart, allowing it to rest there and shift your vibration, and then send it down through your feet and into the earth. Do this one more time, this time imaging that you are connecting with the heart or center of the Universe. Draw that down, through the top of your head, and into your heart, letting it rest there, connecting with you, shifting your energy, before sending it down through your feet and into the planet.
  • Cut yourself some slack, this is hard work
  • Cut others some slack, they don’t even have the tools that you do
  • Good surfing!

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