Forecast for 2021 part 2

From The timeline possibilities – peering into the future:

2021 is a 5 year, which symbolizes humanity reaching for the Divine. Sometimes this is a good thing. When we’re looking at major trends, though, it can also signify hopelessness and surrender, an understanding of one’s powerlessness, and a begging for supernatural assistance. I would really, really like to be wrong on this. I can only report what I’m seeing. Expect August to be the hardest month of 2021 (for once).

2022 will be about community and family. I keep seeing gunfire in government buildings in DC. Those two statements don’t go together for me. I’m going to suggest you make sure your community is safe and taken care of and let the things you can’t control to people with higher certification. Only about a third of you will get that small joke.

2023 has a possibility of some new “structures” being put into play – this usually means economy and politics. We may be starting to talk about how to translate our values into a lasting model. Understand that you may not currently be able to envision what that looks like yet. The next few years are, in part, about taking us through the process of getting there. Some people are already visioning it – they are usually marginalized folx, so if you want to start getting some ideas, start listening to and reading those people.

2024 has some really expansive energy to it, so this is probably where we really turn the corner into our new paradigm. I’m excited to see the newborn!

My current general read on 2021 is that we are going to need to have faith that right action will take us to where we want to be. What is right action? In addition to taking action to create the new paradigm in which you want to live, and action is really important, is to continue (she says hopefully) envisioning that paradigm, fleshing it out. The strongest keys to really programming the future are
• Spend at least 5 minutes a day generating the feeling you will have when the desired future is an actuality
• The aforementioned action
Meditation, grounding, and strengthening your spiritual practice (whatever that is) will help you ride this out.

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