Forecast for 2021 part 3

One of the potential outcomes of 2020-21 could be a 1920s surge of hedonism, as people start to move out from under the year of restriction. I would caution you to continue to be on your guard about your health and the health of your community until at least 2023. Let’s remember that the 1920s turned out to be a bubble that ended up going poorly for almost everyone in the long run.

On a spiritual level, however, ’21 is going to be an amazing year. There will be a lot of opportunity for spiritual expansion and reaching for the Divine. People who stand with one foot on either side of the veil are already aware of the illusory nature of our shared reality – now everyone will have an opportunity to become more aware of it. Of course, this can be disconcerting if you’re not ready for it, so (a) make sure you have personal Shamanic support, and (b) be supportive of others who may not have your awareness.

If you want to set intentions for ’21, the New Moon on January 13th is the best time.

I’d like to point out that there are only two solar eclipses this year, one visible from the Arctic (June) and the other visible from Antarctica (December). That suggests there could be a lot of polarity and binary thinking, as well as rapid changing of how we want to present ourselves to the world. It also has an interesting energetic echo of the concept of Pole Flipping; what if the shifting of the poles that so many are talking about has been transmuted to Polar-Solar Eclipses instead?

The final post in this series will break down the year into Solar chapters.

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