Forecast for 2021 part 4

Let’s look at the year in Solar chapters.

January to the beginning of February is fraught with sabotage, real and perceived, a lot of illusion, and possible rioting in the Midwest. Take some time at the chapter shift to see how you can be of service to your best self; what tools do you have in your emotional/spiritual toolbox? Avoid even attempting shortcuts, you’ll just frustrate yourself. Spiritual clarity may be increasing, just don’t avoid the shared reality in lieu of the spirit realm; you’re supposed to be learning to synthesize both!

The Beginning of February until mid-March will be a time for verbally processing thoughts and emotions about both foundations and where we go from here. There are going to be hard conversations happening at the national level, and it looks like it takes 6 attempts to get anything done. On a personal level, look back at the intentions you set in January and see where you need course correction, and reevaluate your priorities.

From mid March into the beginning of May, the strongest timeline I’m seeing shows that the vaccine starts to become more widely available; and it becomes apparent that not enough people are going to immunized, so a new strategy becomes necessary. A lot of places begin requiring vaccines for entry, and privacy issues vs public health come to the foreground. Both inaction and action are likely to inflame conspiracy theories.

Starting in the beginning of May, whether it’s due to pandemic fatigue, denial, or selfishness, people are being unsafe in larger and larger groups. Incidences of in-person trolling or argument-baiting may go up. The tangible divide between the haves and the have-nots is coming more into focus. We may see a surge of homegrown terrorism. I’m also seeing possible health problems for Biden, to the point where VP Harris has to step in temporarily, potentially in July. Look for a weird cult story to emerge in the headlines. It’s possible a massive public works project or some other 21st century New Deal gets agreed on around 6/10

Early summer feels uncomfortable, like no one is feeling particularly safe or at ease. It will be easy to get caught up in feelings of abandonment. Still, the potential for drama is low, almost like everyone is taking a breather. Take some time for yourself! Recharge your batteries!

August into September has a lot of potential for epiphanies and self-discovery, as well as perhaps a more global-scale series of discoveries; this can include some that make people feel broadsided, and the opportunity to process the experiences of ’20 in a different way.

Mid-September into the beginning of November is going to bring some of the issues from January back for more processing, and there’s a good chance of a new surge of the Pandemic, along with a new mutation. Hopefully the lessons learned from ’20 will help keep things to a dull roar.

The end of the year brings flashes of anger or passion, which may come through as calls to action if people are being healthy and as rage if people are out of balance. What happened in May and June will have a lot of influence on how ’21 plays out at the end.

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