February Cross Quarter Contemplation

This is one of the two Cross Quarters (sometimes known as Imbolc, or First Milk of the Lamb) which offer us the opportunity to get more present and aware of what we have in the here and now. The actual astrological date for the Cross Quarter this year is February 4th.

Taking the Wheel of the Year out of the neo-Celtic context through which we often view it, a new picture emerges:
* You have the Solstices, which are about the waxing and waning of the Sun, which can also be seen as the inhale and exhale, or action and receptivity
* You have the Equinoxes, which are balance points – Spring is on the inhalation or building or waxing side of the cycle, and Autumn is on the exhalation or diminishing or waning side
* You have the Cross Quarters In May and November, which are both thinning of the illusion of separation and have a focus on Communication & Community – May is more about Action (how do we feed the community, how do we communicate) and November is more about Receptivity (how does the community feed us, how do we listen) and
* You have the Cross Quarters in February and August, which are about celebrating our skills and gifts – August is about our outward-facing skills, and February is about our inward-facing skills

In order to get in touch with our inward-facing skills, it is going to be helpful to clear our minds and clear our space.
If you have not yet this week cleaned your altar and your home, make a commitment to yourself to do so tonight or tomorrow. Schedule it. Actually put it on your calendar.

For the contemplation, bring yourself into a meditative state.

Write a list of your foundational spiritual practices
Which ones are you doing regularly?
Which ones have fallen by the wayside? Do any of those need to be recommitted to?
What other spiritual practices are you doing regularly? Do they still serve a good purpose?
What can you pare down?

Now, let’s look at those inward facing skills
Who are you?
What are you? Yes, those are different questions.
What are your tools?
What do you use to practice self care?
How do you demonstrate love (in all its forms)?
How do you serve your concept of the Divine?
What are you here to teach?
What are you here to learn?

Continue to sit in contemplation ans wee if other insights rise to the surface.

It is traditional on this night, to light every lamp in the house, if only for a few moments, to symbolize the return of the Sun.

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