Inclusivity in Service – reading for people with a different lived experience than ours

I’m part of a lovely, intimate book club focused on witchy and queer literature. A few months ago, we read a book called Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow. Brilliant book. From the blurb on the back:

In Queering the Tarot, Cassandra Snow deconstructs the meanings of the 78 cards, explaining the ways in which each card might be interpreted against the norm. Snow explored themes of sexuality, coming out, gender, sources of oppression and of empowerment, and related topics. This fresh and compassionate approach speaks directly to those whose identity is either up in the air or at the forefront of their consciousness. It also speaks to those who may struggle with mental illness or the effects of trauma, all seekers looking for personal affirmation of who they are.

As a teacher, a card reader, and an activist, this book made my heart sing. I began exploring how to incorporate the information into not only my reading, but my teaching as well. I’ll be weaving the concepts throughout my Tarot Playshop. The March session will be focused on the idea of Inclusivity in Service.

As card readers, part of our obligation to our clients is to help them feel seen and heard. We are not just forecasters, we are counselors and healers. So how do we approach that? How do we honor an individual’s lived experience without Othering them? How do we create safe space for people, rather than being stuck in the ruts hardened by societal prejudice, conscious or unconscious?

You don’t have to be a professional card reader to get something out of this Playshop. The concepts we’ll be discussing will be useful to anyone seeking to create compassionate, inclusive, safe space. I have no expectation of changing the world in a two hour session. My hope is that we can all expand our awareness, become more mindful, and make inroads to expanding the container of our work.

The Tarot Playshop happens on Zoom, monthly, on the first Wednesday at 7pm PST (UTC -8). The cost is $25, and there is a bring-a-friend discount. It’s helpful to me if you can reserve your seat at least 24 hours in advance so I can get you the Zoom codes in a timely manner.

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