A reading for April ’21 using Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson


Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine…

The motto for April is More Will Be Revealed. Innovations, spectacular revelations, and skeletons falling out of closets are all probable. This trend asks us to take a look at the path we’re on to see if it’s still taking us where we want to go.

Innovations: People are going to be talking more about new ways to do things, and some new tools or gadgets may become available that vastly improve how we as a society do things. This may spill over into some new information about vaccines and/or variants. There may also be some revelations about how poorly certain methodologies or tools actually work. On the personal front, write down your ideas and inspirations so you don’t lose them – you never know which ones might rapidly evolve into truly useful information!

Revelations: I see this happening on multiple fronts. Archeological discoveries are likely, some new information about pollution and/or global climate change, some new viruses (previously frozen?), and, of course, political inner workings coming to light. Israel looks like a likely candidate for the latter. On the individual level, look for more than the usual “Aha!” moments to occur. You may want to join in some group discussions for even more, though I would recommend sitting with it quietly first, so you get the most out of it you can.

Skeletons from the closet: Not a good week for secrets, especially of the long-since-buried type. I recommend being ready to own your skeletons immediately, rather than denying them – it won’t turn out well for you. These skeletons don’t want to be reburied.

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Featured image: “Grey Wolf in Springtime” by Athena McKinzie

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