Thinning of the veil, Taurus & Scorpio energy, solar activity, meteors…

This is one of my favorite energies of the year. Yes, I’m in one of my mourning periods, but there’s also all this Scorpio meets Taurus energy (which is where I live). It’s all sexy and earthy and sensual and feet-in-the-mud. This year, we’ve also got some meteor shower and solar activity. This is supercharged.

According to SpaceWeather, Earth is inside a stream of solar wind blowing as fast as 600 km/s. The solar wind stream is flowing from a broad southern hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Earth is expected to remain inside the stream through April 19th. As Sol is a higher aspect of our heart center, our heart fields have been sped up, and we can’t really avoid hearing our heartsong right now. So, what do you want? What is your own Soul calling you to do?

A fairly brilliant annual meteor shower happens this week – the Lyrids. This shower emanates from fixed star Vega which, in Vedic astrology gives beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement, and changeability, and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious, and usually lascivious. It is of the nature of Venus and Mercury (idealistic, psychic, handsome, neat, lovable, refined, genteel, intelligent.) Venus is also prominent right now, as she has moved into Taurus, where she is quite at home, amping up the sensual energy. Paired with the Full Moon in Scorpio next week, there’s an opportunity to get really present to our process, unearthing some long-buried emotions, and move through them quickly. Not something we have a chance to do all the time, so jump on that.

And we’re moving toward the late-Spring Cross Quarter, when the veil thins and we have access to more inspiration and magic. This is playtime, cats and kittens, and we can enlist ALL our supernatural entourage to get in on the action. Move out your old stuff and let’s get ready for some new new new sparkly energy!

My weekly forecast over on Patreon this week is about how we are in some serious crossroads energy. The possibility for Big Change is really strong. Back around the turn of the year, I had started gathering (virtually, natch) some like-minded folx and working on ways to shift the energy in Washington DC, clearing out the old and the hate and setting the new administration up with the energetic tools for change. The next week or two is an optimal time to pivot those old intentions into inviting in dramatic positive change. So we’re going to be focusing that energy at the Capitol Building, which is, essentially, a dome church. Let’s clear out the residue of 1/6 and make an opening for shifting change and awareness into high gear! I’d love to hear from you what tools you can bring to bear to those efforts!

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