[Monday Message] What are you allowing to influence you?

Everything that exists here on the physical plane exists in energetic form on the Astral plane first. We can create forms on the Astral through our imagination. If that form is given enough energy, it can manifest onto the physical. Energy follows focus. Our thoughts influence our world.

This is a major component of magick.

It is also a major component of a lot of negative things in the world.

Those astral forms can act as a muse, beaming their image/essence into the imagination of artists, including writers and filmmakers. This is how we end up with multiple movies or TV shows or books about bugs or magicians in fairly close proximity to each other. I’m told by a friend in the entertainment industry that, for every 2 or three films we see with similar stories, there are at least 8 more that didn’t get picked up. So those are energy forms acting as muses.

If enough people watch one or more of those films, and they ruminate on them (allow their thoughts to linger there), that feeds those energy forms. If those forms are fed enough energy, they can become physical. That’s fine for thought forms involving prestidigitation. But what about horror stories?

Because this interchange happens through the imagination, when you focus enough on something you fear, you can also call that thing into your reality. Again, energy follows focus, so your thoughts influence your world.

In addition, you also take on the energy of those things on which you focus or even let your attention linger. So: What do you surround yourself with? What sorts of influences do you allow into your life to inspire you? What media do you absorb?

You have a choice as to what you allow to influence you, but it requires actually making a conscious choice. You do have the ability to shift your focus. Meditation, especially mindfulness, helps you get better at this. My therapeutic Sound Baths can also help.

When people stop watching commercials, as so many people have in these days of streaming media, their energy starts to shift. Commercials have a very strong push of a message of lack. It invades your subconscious, and affects how you see your life and the world as a whole. Advertising is very subversive to a path of enlightenment. Try to avoid advertising wherever possible. See if your outlook changes.

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