What the heck is a sacred gyroscope?

A Sacred Gyroscope is a shamanic way of looking at and interacting with your world. It helps you see where you are in the world. It enhances your strengths and bolsters your weaknesses. It can show you your path. It can protect you. It includes the relational directions like left, right, up, and down, as well as the cardinal directions.

Where you place the elements in your world view doesn’t have to match those placements for other people. Some teachers (and books) will tell you “This element is in the north,” regardless of where in the world you are or where you are from. The idea that everyone should have the same world view is a little odd. I live in Southern California, but I grew up on the East Coast. My ancestry is predominantly Celt and Norse. My spiritual lineage is from all over the globe. Should my world view and directional association of the elements match those of someone who lives in a landlocked place where storms almost always come from the north? And what makes someone an expert on which elements go where?

Likewise, your understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics of a given animal may not line up with what the books or websites tell you. Those sources either contradict or repeat each other anyway. What associations do you have with a given animal? What vibe do you get off a critter? What are they doing when you encounter them, either in the physical or in a meditative journey?

It’s like assuming that, because we are in a certain part of our orbit around the sun, it is this season or that season, regardless of what latitude and climate we find ourselves. it doesn’t fit.

I, with my guides, developed a way of working with a person’s ancestry, their geographical location, and their intuition to create a multi-dimensional structure as a representation of their world view. It has elements of both a merkabic field and a medicine wheel, but is neither. At the end of this month (July ’22), I’ll be teaching a 2 day workshop to help people build their own sacred gyroscopes, creating a personal vessel through which they can experience the world more consciously.

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