[Monday Message] You Are That Powerful!

“You Are That Powerful!” used to be the tagline of this website, because that’s what I told my clients and students. I still do, really; the focus of this site has expanded to include Unity and Community now.

You are a part of the Divine. A cell in the body of the Divine, if you will. As such, you have the entirety of the blueprint of the Divine, all of the potential of the Divine, within you. Given the right oomph, you could activate that power and blossom into a co-creator. Honestly, you’re already a co-creator. From a shamanic point of view, all of what we call reality is a hologram, an external reflection of your internal process. But what if you became a conscious co-creator?

You can. You are that powerful.

Energy follows focus. That which you focus on, you feed. This is why I’m always telling people to not focus on their fears, lest they invoke them into being. You are that powerful.

If you focus on your Divinity, and the Divine in general, you feed energy to that. You are actually empowering yourself to become a co-creator. You are your own power source, and you really can do that. In doing so, you start to become aware that you are creating your reality. You create the situations in which you find yourself. You have the power to change those situations. You have the power to change your experience. You have the power to create something new for yourself.

Spend some time today focusing on the Divine. Focus your attention on that part of you where the spark of the divine is housed, your heart center. It’s at the center of your chest at the level of your armpits. Focus some energy and attention there. As the area fills with energy, allow any hardness to fall away. Allow yourself to connect with your joy; that connects you to your inner Divine. Breathe the joy, allowing it to circulate through your entire form. Send that feeling of joy out to everyone you encounter today, share it with others.

And remember, you are that powerful!

This post is part of a series called Monday Message, based on that day’s reflection from 365 Days to Enlightenment (authorized versions are currently out of print, working on a new edition). Check back next Monday for another one! You can also sign up for the Daily Message on my mailing list if you’d like to receive a new reflection every day. I also often post them to Instagram, if that’s a medium you enjoy.

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