[Monday Message] Allowing for the miracle

How often have you allowed the words of others, or even your own mindset, to limit you? If you would like a miracle to happen in your life, maybe even more than one, you have to make space. When you get stuck in your ideas, there is no space for magic. When we draw a hard line, when we make proclamations, we lock ourselves (and everyone else) into a position; we ignore/discount the humanity of everyone involved; and we make change impossible.

Some words that let you know you’re stuck: Always, Never, All, None, Impossible.

How often have you allowed people to tell you that you can’t possibly achieve that goal or change bad habits or improve yourself in some dramatic fashion? How often have you allowed your own negative ego to stop you from going after your dreams or from being creative or from seeking out a career that makes your heart sing? How often have you allowed potentially incorrect information to stop you from being your best, truest self?

Now, what would it look like, if each of those ideas were wrong? What if you allowed for the miracle? What if you allowed the Universe to be larger, more expansive than that? Not just once, but every time it came up?

As I said last week, the world around you is a hologram. It is a manifestation of your inner processes. If you have decided that This Is How Things Are, you will continue to see things that way, and you will attract things that have that energy. The Universe has no interest in proving you wrong until you allow for the possibility that your world view might benefit from expansion.

The next time someone tells you that something is impossible; remember that they are limiting the Divine. The next time the noise in your head tells you that you can’t possibly do something, know that it is lying. It is important to allow for the miracle in all things, because then the miracle becomes possible in all things.

Just for today, let go of any messages, no matter the source, that limit you, the world, and the Divine. Allow for the miracle.

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