Whatcha doing?

What are any of us doing?

We, the individual, separated ourselves from Ourself (The Divine) in order to have experiential understanding of All That Is. The Divine wanted to understand Itself better. In order to do that thoroughly, we had to forget that we were Divine, otherwise we would never experience That Which Is Not Divine, and all of our experiences would not have been pure. It is like the idea of the blind experiment. A really good experiment is one where the subject does not know it is an experiment, and has no idea of expectations of outcome. How could you experience pure pain or sorrow or remorse or loss if you knew that you were a part of something bigger?

When we separated from Ourself, we “lost” a part of ourselves. That emptiness you feel in your heart, that feeling of not being Home, that feeling like you’re missing something – what you’re missing is connection to Self. So we strive to get back to The Divine, to come home, to re-member (opposite of dismember) Who We Are. We want to be whole. It is the reason for evolution, for progress, for addiction, for doing anything, really. The good news is that, the only requirement that must be met in order for you to feel like you are achieving that goal is a willingness to look for The Divine. All you need is willingness because you are a part of The Divine. All you really have to do to rejoin the collective is to look for the collective. It’s inside of you, right?

A word about Free Will, from a few different perspectives. If the experiment of gaining experiential understanding is to work, the subjects of the experiment must not be interfered with, so they are allowed to do as they will. It is a part of the basic rules for the experiment – everyone gets Free Will. On the next level up, The Divine loves us all unconditionally. Control issues are a condition. So we get to bumble through, never being offered Divine advice or assistance unless we ask. On a very high level, we are all a part of The Divine, and anything else we experience is merely illusion anyway, so why interfere in the dreaming? Ultimately, it makes no difference and causes no harm.

This is an edited excerpt from a book I’m working on rewriting. Originally released in 2002, its subject matter is even more important now, as we go through this Paradigm Shift. So I’m rewriting it for an audience 22 years in the future (from its original publication date). This isn’t actually a second edition, I think it’s like the 4th edition, but I’m delving back into the first writing before I look at newer rewrites. I’m sharing it here because I shared a few other things, and it’s not a bad idea to periodically check in with what any of us are doing…

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