How the solar activity is contributing to the Paradigm Shift

We’ve been having a lot of solar activity lately, which contribute to the edginess people are feeling from the Plutonian energy and the vibration from Mercury in Aries. So a lot of people are feeling jangly and/or drained. Or both, which is especially fun!

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As always with these sorts of things, I recommend Modified Sun Salutations:

Plant your feet firmly on the ground, and feel the connection.
Reach up to the sky, as in the yoga pose Sun Salutation.
Imagine yourself grabbing or connecting with the energy of Sol, and draw it down to you, through the top of your head, and down into your heart. Let it rest there for a moment, creating a harmony or alignment, and then send it down through your feet into the planet.
Reach up again, this time imagining that you are grabbing the energy of the heart of the Milky Way, our galaxy. Draw that down, through your head, and into your heart, allowing it to rest there and shift your vibration, and then send it down through your feet and into the earth.
Do this one more time, this time imaging that you are connecting with the heart or center of the Universe. Draw that down, through the top of your head, and into your heart, letting it rest there, connecting with you, shifting your energy, before sending it down through your feet and into the planet.

So, what does this have to do with the Paradigm Shift?

The Sun, whose name is Sol, is the heart of our Solar System, and is also an aspect of our Higher Heart, or the heart center of one level of our Higher Selves.

As Sol ends out these pulses (from their point of view), the energy affects the electromagnetic field of the planet. Since we’re here on the planet, those pulses affect our electromagnetic field as well. The shift in our energy helps us move closer to who we are becoming. BUT, if we don’t consciously embrace it and also work to shift our thinking, it is very discombobulating. Aligning out energy with the 4 levels of out Higher Heart – Earth, Sol, Center of the Milky Way, and the heart of the Universe – smoothes out all the ruffled feathers and helps us move forward with grace.

I don’t think the solar activity is going to be calming down any time soon, so regularly doing the Modified Sun Salutations may be a handy tool to be using daily for a while. It certainly can’t hurt.

Some of the recently posted meditations on my YouTube channel may be helpful as well.

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