Solar flares & eclipses & shifts, oh my!

We move into the Shadow of Mercury Retrograde on Monday, and it’s going to feel like we’re speeding up rather than slowing down. All the more reason to do everything consciously and with intention.

We’ve got a Super Full Moon Eclipse, followed by a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon 2 weeks later, both visible from parts of the US.

There’s a massive sun spot turning towards Earth. It sent off a CME that was big enough that, despite being pointed almost completely away from us, ionized our atmosphere and messed up radio communication.

We, that is to say humans, are in an energetic upgrade, the likes of which we have no record. It’s part of why everything is so topsy turvy. It’s also why this Retrograde cycle is going to feel speedy. As the vibration goes up more than an octave, the energy does speed up significantly. The slowing down that happens during Mercury Retrograde is just going to take the edge off the acceleration and help us adjust.

A little.

Interesting thing – those of you who have been around me for a while are likely familiar with my take on the Third Chakra. If you’re not, don’t worry about it, because it has all changed. The polarity that existed has started to melt, the Free Will or Small Still Voice is becoming a lot less small or still, and the entire operating system has the ability to filter and shift things to remove duality rather than create it .

More than that – all of the Chakras are evolving to help us move through the upgrade. Each now holds higher plane information that will allow us to have a much more visceral experience of being Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.


The Earth Seed now has a mirror just below the Root Chakra, and the Star Gate now has a mirror just above the Crown. Accessing the Heart Centers of our Higher Selves is even simpler.

Just remember that you’re soaking in it. Everything around us is shifting (because our outer experience is created by our inner process), so you wouldn’t be able to put your finger on why things feel “weird” if you didn’t have more information. Heck, if you weren’t paying attention, it might not even register that anything is different at first. The more sensitive among us will notice though.

I’ll be breaking this down in more detail on my Patreon over the next week or two.

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