Venus entered Pisces on Monday

Venus is the planet that is in charge of what matters to us the most. She will tell you what’s important to you, if you didn’t already know. She likes it in Pisces; there is the potential here for love, abundance, flow, beauty, kindness, and harmony at a higher level. Key word: potential. There is also the potential for blurred boundaries, which never works out well.

The thing to examine is if your Pisces is balanced or not.

What I mean by that is – check your birth chart and see where Pisces is. Ignore where planets sit in the chart, just look on the outer ring for the zodiac signs. What house is that for you? (You can click on the image to embiggen)

Astrological Houses chart from’s your relationship with the themes of that house? If your answer is “not so good,” you are probably out of balance. Venus will help you work on that. Use her time in Pisces to your advantage and improve your relationship with the topics of that house.

I also recommend avoiding overwhelm, as Venus in Pisces will take you to depression or escapism even more than usual. Break all your tasks into bite-sized pieces and focus on one thing at a time. Feel free to retreat for a minute, but don’t run away and hide – it’s not going to help your overwhelm. Your spiritual practice (if you don’t have a daily practice, this is also a great time to develop one) will help support you – lean into it.

She leaves Pisces for Aries on April 4th.

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