Shifting into a 12-field system

Is it March that comes in like a lion out goes out like a lamb? This year I think it’s more coming in like a individualist and going out like a dreamer… See, we’re having an interesting phenomenon in the first half of the year where the planets, although they are moving, are bunching up, almost piling up on each other. Despite nothing being retrograde (save some asteroids) until April, it has been creating some pile-ups. Add in a bunch of solar storms, and people are edgy as well as the energy feeling Very. And then we have Pluto revving up for the biggest paradigm shift in several hundred years, which can make anyone a bit overwhelmed.

A good way to get ahead of the overwhelm is to consciously start to shift into the new energy so you can ease into it with some intention.

I find chakras, which are a way of looking at our internal operating systems, to be a good way to talk about our experience of energy. This may get a little esoteric, please drop me a note if you want me to clarify.

In pre-modern times, we operated on a three-chakra and five-element system. The elements could operate in any of the chakras, as long as they were in the correct sequence. This information was not generally accessible by the general population, but it was a precise technology through which one could change their experience of the world.

The Magdalene taught healing with an Egyptian 12-in-1 energy field system, sometimes known as The Eye of Ra. Any time you are working with a 12-field energy system, there are great opportunities for transformation.

Since the last century, people have been operating with variations on a 7-chakra system. It’s pretty good for a lot of things, and has certainly enabled us to get to the point where the Paradigm Shift is gearing up. It doesn’t take us far enough, though. Some people have been consciously working with an 8-chakra system, which is still useful in moving past the worst parts of ego; I don’t think it goes far enough though.

If we can consciously and intentionally start working with a 12-chakra system like The Magdalene, we can automatically generate a Unity field, which will move us into a love-based operating system overall, rather than what we have now, which is ego-based and fosters an illusion of separation from each other and from The All. There are a number of different models of the 12-chakra system, none of them really better than the next. It’s the act of breaking your operating systems down into a set of 12 that creates a shift.

On a structural level, working with a 12-field system does an interesting thing to a human. It dissolves stuckness, unravels illusion, and allows them to become the expansive being they designed themselves to be. It’s as if you were taking their 2-strand DNA helix and blossoming it into a 12-strand helix (or star, really, at that point, or even a sphere). It’s as if you were transmuting someone from a carbon-based life form to a crystaline structure.

Different people see this in different ways. It’s the beauty of humanity – we each have some puzzle pieces, but no one has all of them, so we have to work together to create that Grand Shift.

Here’s a secret – if you can perceive things based on this 12-field or 12-chakra model, you are actually operating from the place of the Feminine Divine, whose number is 13, because you always see one level below where you are. As a three-dimensional being, you see things in 2 dimensions (flat planes – you don’t see through the cube). If you can perceive things 12-dimensionally, you are operating from the 13th dimension.

This was from the March 2024 Newsletter, and is part of the upcoming new edition of The Shift. I will probably be delving into it more on my Patreon, if you want to join me for the journey.

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