Digital Downloads

You can now purchase MP3s of my guided meditations, as well as the unguided singing bowl meditation, directly from the Tools page of the website. Available meditations include

The Pain Series:
* Blessing the Pain, Breathing Into the Pain, Controlling Pain,  Reducing Pain, and General Well Being
as well as Meditations on CompletionGoalsBoundaries, Energizing, Heart HealingWillingness, and  Temple of the Heart

In addition to the guided meditations, there is a new edition of The Shift, updated for 2012, complete with all 22 guided meditation exercises.

I will be adding other digital books in the coming weeks and months, including a new edition of 365 Days to Enlightenment, complete with index, a compendium of my Collected Writings, and a new and original work about my lengthy roadtrip in 2003, called Walkabout.

If you have requests for new guided meditations, I will be going back into the studio soon to record, so do let me know.

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