The Universal Connection and Magnetic Crochet of this Solar Flare

Last night, this appeared in my inbox:

The magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2017 erupted yesterday, March 29th, producing an impulsive X1-class solar flare.  Ionizing radiation from the flare produced electrical currents in Earth’s upper atmosphere and a ripple in Earth’s magnetic field detected by magnetometers across the dayside of our planet.  Read more about this rare “magnetic crochet” and the possibility of more X-flares this weekend on today’s edition of

It was interesting to me, because Spirit is suggesting new action. In addition to the usual grounding, drinking more water, and being kind to yourself (and others), this is an invitation to Universal Connection.

  • Go into a meditative space
  • Bring all your attention and all of your focus and all of your energy into your heart center in the middle of your chest, just in front of the spine
  • Reach up through the top of your head to connect with the center of the Universe
  • Reach down through your feet to connect with the core of the Earth
  • Reach out in front of you from your heart center to encompass the surface of the planet, reconnecting with that energy through your back
  • Connect from your heart center to the heart centers of your loved ones
  • Connect from your heart center to the plants in your immediate vicinity
  • Connect from your heart center to the animals in your immediate vicinity
  • In your mind’s eye, start to see the web of connection that exists between all living things

Spend time doing this every day, but especially over the next 36 hours.


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