Close Encounters with Coyote

Crossroads magic is an interesting practice, and I suspect each person approaches it somewhat differently. Crossroads are one of those places the Scots call Thin Spots – places where the veil is thin. For me, crossroads are an opportunity to create goodwill with the spirits, and to make the occasional entreaties. I don’t tend to ask for skills, which is the way crossroads seem to be viewed in pop folklore, but I will bargain and make requests. A friend of mine was badly injured a few years back and, certain she wasn’t done yet, but feeling her being pulled, I spent some time stomping through a crossroads, having stern words, walking patterns, and throwing coins. Most of the time, I’ll toss an offering as I go through, if I feel called to do so.

I have a couple of energetically significant crossroads on my way home. One is almost always “on”, but the one closest to my house only seems to be otherworldly from 11:30ish to 3am. On my way home from spending time with friends tonight, the farther one yelled at me, and I hurriedly tossed some coins. It felt like it needed to happen. It wasn’t thought out the way it usually is, and it felt almost like they were already waiting, rather than being invoked.

When I got to the one that’s closer to my house, I stopped at the stop sign. There was an animal in the road, across the way, to my right, but in front of me. I thought, at first, it was a dog, but it most definitely was more coyote-esque. The fur reminded me more of a teddy bear, and he seemed young. He made and held eye contact for a moment, and then turned and jumped a fence.

This is the second time I’ve seen him. Understand, our neighborhood is not in any way rural. Any wild spaces are several miles away, at best. And our encounters are… Interesting. None of the neighborhood critters react to him, not even our next door neighbor’s feral cats. I’m fairly convinced this is more Coyote and less coyote.

Still sorting out meaning. I’ll hopefully have a opportunity for an in-depth chat in dreamtime tonight. Who knows? It may just be Him letting me know the fae have my missing eyeglasses…

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